Art of the Day: Birch at Christmas

This one is another in the long, vertical series. Meant initially to cover a breaker box, but is just a neat, complex shot. The vertical lines from the hanging branches really make the piece. Also the subtle colors.

Lots of options for this one. Let me know the size that you need and we can discuss media – and framing or mounting options.

Art of the Day: Let’s Go Broncos II

Another neat shot of a couple of stallions from the Onaqui Mountains Wild Horse Herd Management Area. Same ones from the post a few days ago, but a different look and different light. Shot on the shortest day of 2020. Those scars are really something.

Email me at to order.

Art of the Day: Hummingbird Tongue

It’s really hard to shoot hummingbirds. For one thing, they just don’t hold still. For another, they’re really not predictable like other birds are. When shooting a big, slow, brown pelican, you’ve got a pretty good idea where they’re going to go. Not so with hummingbirds. They hover, dart left or right – up or down.

All of the other birds in flight that you see on this site, I do handheld…tracking them through the sky. And I am moderately adept at that. But with this particular hummingbird, I employed a different technique. I shot this one across the street at my neighbor’s house. She had several hummingbirds darting onto and away from her feeder. I watched them for a while and noticed that they’d eat a bit, back out and hover, then eat some more. So I set my focus on where I thought the hover was happening – and then shot as they entered that zone. Some of the shots turned out and this one turned out to be my favorite – because of the tongue. So neat looking. I think this one is a female calliope hummingbird.

Contact me at for size and medium options – and price.

Art of the Day: Into the Yucca

Most of the bee shots on this site will focus on the bee – and really pay attention to the eye. In this case, though, the bee seems almost incidental. This one took – actually a false yucca or hummingbird yucca – five years to bloom, but wow…when it did, it was magnificent. Started sometime late May, I think, and went through the first few soft frosts…five or six ten-foot blooms stalks just going and going and going. When you look at the pic, notice that there are a few flowers open, a couple past their prime, and lots and lots of buds of various sizes. It’s really a magnificent plant. Look for a hummingbird on it soon as “art of the day”. They sure love this plant, too.

Also, this is obviously a thin vertical, too. I really need to develop my eye to shoot those. It’s often lots easier to find room on the wall for a long, thin, tall one than it is a square or traditional rectangle.

I’ve got this one in the gallery 20 x 48 on 1/8″acrylic in a white, custom frame for $445. It looks really good. And would make a good breaker box cover, too.

Art of the Day: That Face!

This might not be art…but it sure is a compelling portrait. This is a palomino stallion from the Onaqui Mountains Herd. Check out his blue eye. I know this one and he’s really earned his scars. He’s pretty bellicose and seems to enjoy fighting with the other stallions. He is an instigator.

He was kind of posing for me and posturing when I shot it this. It’s a full frame shot at 225mm – so I was pretty close. His lip is curled not because he’s showing off, but because he’s processing smell (of all things). Seems the stallions are pretty sensitive to the pheromones in the air ;). Imagine that.

Anyway, this is a great shot of this guy. And really captures his personality. And it can be art if you want it to be.

Get this one as large as you dare…as long as it’s in a 2:3 ratio. Email me at to discuss sizes and prices.

Art of the Day: Long Winter

This is another similar to yesterday’s but with a different theme. It was cropped and produced to cover a breaker panel in a mountain cabin. It’s also in a 1:2 ratio – and when I printed it for a patron in Colorado, we did it on 1/4″ acrylic with a hardwood frame around it – so it could be attached to the wall with a long piano hinge. Because the acrylic is somewhat translucent, you can see the outline of the frame through it – especially when it’s got a light source behind it… So I think for a hinged application, I’d recommend metal or foamcore or, well, just an opaque medium.

Art of the Day: Long Autumn

This one is a little understated, but there’s a time and a place for that in art. It is in the gallery in a 30 x 60 on a light foamcore – for a reason. It exists to cover up a rather large, unsightly electrical panel on the wall. Because it’s mounted with a French cleat, it lifts off easily and allows access to the breakers – almost as if it weren’t there. Super easy!

If this one isn’t your cup of tea but you like the concept, I have a few dozen other long, narrow possibilities for the same purpose. The one in the gallery is 30 inches wide by 60 inches tall on 1/4″ foamcore for $455 – including the mounting cleats. However, this one – and others like it – can likely be cropped to fit whatever needs that you have if you’d like to cover a breaker box or electrical panel. Email me at to discuss.

Art of the Day: Let’s Go Broncos I

Here’s a neat pic of two stallions from the Onaqui Mountains Wild Horse Herd Management Area. Note the scars on both of them. They really do fight a lot…and sometimes do some real damage. There’s one guy who is missing an ear completely. And not long ago I saw one with a chunk of flesh about the size of my fist missing from his shoulder. That said – and other than that – they look remarkably healthy and hearty.

I chose the title of this pic because it has been really popular in Colorado. I think it might have something to do with the colors??

I first printed it on 16 x 24 metal. And when I started messing around with the barnwood frames, I tossed one that size into a frame. Wow… It really seemed to finish the piece. So for this one, I’d suggest a 15 x 23 on 1/8″ acrylic in a handmade barnwood frame ($245). Email me at to order – or to discuss other sizes/options. Neat shot.

Art of the Day: That Yak

That Yak. Could not come up with a better title. This particular one lives on a ranch in the Ogden valley. And it really speaks for itself. So powerful. Such an impression. People stop when it catches their eye. Just a very well-composed piece of art. Normally, I’m wordy. This one has at least 1,000 words to say on its own. So I’ll let it.

This one really wants to be a 3:4 ratio. Or is that 4:3? Anyway, it looks absolutely great on metal at 16 x 20 ($275) without a frame. I’ve got it in 11 x 14 in a barnwood frame ($125) and I think some of the impact is lost in the frame. But…people seem drawn to it nonetheless…and I might not be right. Whatever the case, it’s a stunner.

Art of the Day: Muse

This shot was named by a visitor to my art booth at a festival in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho – who has since become a friend. This shot really moved her. And it’s one of my favorites, too (she’s the cover girl for the 2022 bee calendar). Compositionally, it violates a few rules. But the composition, for the piece, is near perfect. It’s really so sublime. There’s such a feeling to the piece. And she’s Muse. Oh, and I really should mention that she’s in a sea of asters.

This one works well in a 2:3 ratio or a 3:4 (shown – calendar at 8×10). But my favorite iteration of this one is in a 1:2 ratio – specifically, a 16 x 32 print on 1/4″ acrylic ($385 plus 5% shipping). It also works really well on the same size of canvas in a floating frame ($285). You lose a little resolution with the canvas (of course), but the frame finishes it well and it’s a stunning effect! Email me at to discuss or order.