Art of the Day: Birch at Christmas

This one is another in the long, vertical series. Meant initially to cover a breaker box, but is just a neat, complex shot. The vertical lines from the hanging branches really make the piece. Also the subtle colors.

Lots of options for this one. Let me know the size that you need and we can discuss media – and framing or mounting options.

Art of the Day: Long Winter

This is another similar to yesterday’s but with a different theme. It was cropped and produced to cover a breaker panel in a mountain cabin. It’s also in a 1:2 ratio – and when I printed it for a patron in Colorado, we did it on 1/4″ acrylic with a hardwood frame around it – so it could be attached to the wall with a long piano hinge. Because the acrylic is somewhat translucent, you can see the outline of the frame through it – especially when it’s got a light source behind it… So I think for a hinged application, I’d recommend metal or foamcore or, well, just an opaque medium.