Art of the Day: Muse

This shot was named by a visitor to my art booth at a festival in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho – who has since become a friend. This shot really moved her. And it’s one of my favorites, too (she’s the cover girl for the 2022 bee calendar). Compositionally, it violates a few rules. But the composition, for the piece, is near perfect. It’s really so sublime. There’s such a feeling to the piece. And she’s Muse. Oh, and I really should mention that she’s in a sea of asters.

This one works well in a 2:3 ratio or a 3:4 (shown – calendar at 8×10). But my favorite iteration of this one is in a 1:2 ratio – specifically, a 16 x 32 print on 1/4″ acrylic ($385 plus 5% shipping). It also works really well on the same size of canvas in a floating frame ($285). You lose a little resolution with the canvas (of course), but the frame finishes it well and it’s a stunning effect! Email me at to discuss or order.