The Gallery is Now Open

After more than a year on the road at art festivals and shows, some months every weekend, it seemed that a brick-and-mortar gallery was indicated. So, after a month of 12+ hour days of renovation, the lights are on and the doors are open. It’s located in Ogden, Utah (2246B Washington Blvd.). Please stop by when you’re in the area. It’s really looking good – better than this phone photograph of the storefront for sure. It’s still a work in progress as evidenced by the lack of use of the front display – and the ladder in the background. But it really looks and feels great inside.

Of course the gallery includes the photographs, but also work from other accomplished artists. And this art will make its way onto this site, too.

This site should eventually be an online portal to the gallery (with click-through purchasing options), but I’m not entirely sure how I want to construct and manage it. However, because the gallery name is a URL (, it’s silly not to have at least a minimal online presence here. So please bear with me until I get this figured out. In the meantime, some of the art in the gallery may be found on I also post a new picture of a bee each day at – and that’s worth a look.

Finally, no matter what form this site takes eventually, I’ll be updating it often – perhaps even daily – with new photographs and other art.

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