Art of the Day: That Yak

That Yak. Could not come up with a better title. This particular one lives on a ranch in the Ogden valley. And it really speaks for itself. So powerful. Such an impression. People stop when it catches their eye. Just a very well-composed piece of art. Normally, I’m wordy. This one has at least 1,000 words to say on its own. So I’ll let it.

This one really wants to be a 3:4 ratio. Or is that 4:3? Anyway, it looks absolutely great on metal at 16 x 20 ($275) without a frame. I’ve got it in 11 x 14 in a barnwood frame ($125) and I think some of the impact is lost in the frame. But…people seem drawn to it nonetheless…and I might not be right. Whatever the case, it’s a stunner.

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