Art of the Day: Boxing Day Bighorn

Don’t know if you’ve ever tried to photograph something when the snow is falling…big flakes…but if you have, you’ll recall that your camera’s autofocus is so good that it can find a single snowflake to focus on – and does.

SO…manual focus is the thing in the snow. This guy was hanging out at the top of a cliff with another male, a female, and a lamb. Neat looking group. They’re pretty shy so I didn’t get as close as I’d have liked to, but…that’s the way it is sometimes. He sure looks healthy – fat.

Notice a couple of things. First, he’s got some breakfast in his mouth. Second, note that the end of his horns don’t come to points. They look broken off. Unlike antlers, which the deer, elk, and moose shed every year, the sheep (and buffalo) have horns which continue to grow. As the bighorn’s horn grows and curls, it can wreck his peripheral vision. In order to account for that, he’ll grind off the tips of the horns on something hard (a rock usually). This is called “brooming” (for some reason). And this guy’s horns have been properly broomed.

Boxing Day Bighorn

This one wants to be a square crop only. You can get it in a handmade barnwood frame on 15″ x 15″ acrylic for $175 (plus five percent shipping). Email me at to place an order for this shot. Other sizes and media available, of course.

Art of the Day: Buffalo Sage

And, somehow, still keeping with the theme of Christmas Day- Yellowstone last Christmas. This is a photograph of a cow shot quite early in the morning before the sun had time to do its work on the frost. Great eye on her and the tongue just makes the pic. If a female buffalo can be pretty, this one might be… It’s really a good portrait of her.

Buffalo Sage

This shot wants to be a square crop and only a square crop. I’ve got it in the gallery on a thick (1/4″) acrylic with a sawtooth hanger on the back for $225, yet it’s available on acrylic (1/8″) in a handmade barnwood frame for $175. Pricing seems strange to me like that, but it’s all about the cost of the materials. There’s enough resolution in this shot to go up to 40×40…or beyond. Email me at to discuss size/material, etc.

Art of the Day: Christmas Sunrise – Yellowstone

Well, Christmas Day is getting to be a theme. If two in a row can be considered a trend. This was taken last year on the 25th of December not too far from the North Entrance. It’s purple-ey in this shot…and one just a couple of minutes later is a neat yellow-orange.

Christmas Sunrise – Yellowstone

The shot is big…full frame at 36mp so we can go to just about any size. How about a 40×60 on metal ($2175) or a triptych on acrylic (three 24 x 48 panels) with a French cleat ($1625)? Or, if you’re more budget-minded, it would look great in a barnwood (15 x 23 at $275)…or even a matted 13 x 19 print ($60).

Or, we could go just monstrous (on ultraboard): 5 feet by 7.5 feet for $1275. Lots of options. And that one would be a bear to ship (or trasport, even). But would look remarkable on your wall!

Someday I’ll have a click-through to purchase. Until then, email me at to discuss size, medium, and price.