Guest Artist – Dec. 2021 & Jan. 2022: Kristin Alley Carver

On the first Friday of every month, the art community in Ogden, Utah conducts The First Friday Art Stroll. Galleries, businesses, and other entities display the art of (usually) an emerging artist and people move from place to place taking in the scene and purchasing the art.

For, I’ve chosen to dedicate a prime wall to this initiative and will be featuring a different artist monthly. For this month (two months because we missed December’s stroll), the guest artist is Kristin Alley Carver. Here’s a shot of the wall that just does not do her work justice.

Kristin is an accomplished print maker and her work really impresses me. We’re honored to have her work in the gallery as the first guest artist. Hopefully, if I can get it figured out, I’ll show her individual pieces on this site…and offer them for online sales. They’re really exquisite – and probably underpriced (from $80 to $550 or so).