Art of the Day: Grandpa’s Outfit I

My maternal grandfather was a farmer/rancher and an avid horseman – a real lover of horses (and his cattle, too). I had the idea to collect some of his gear (cowboys called the stuff they worked and traveled with their “outfit”) and shoot a still life. I collected as much of his stuff that I could find from those whom (that whom seems strange to me…) inherited it and below is one of the shots that I came up with.

The saddle, chaps, branding iron, and rifle (look at the wear on that thing!) belonged to my grandpa. The hat, rope, and saddle blanket belong to his son, my uncle Joe. And the boots are mine. Three generations represented in the shot. It’s also one of many variations, so expect another few sometime in the future. There’s something pretty authentic about this shot – real history…and part of my history, too.

Grandpa’s Outfit I

It really works best in a square crop. In the gallery, I have it printed 40 x 40 on foamboard and it looks fantastic. I’ve also got at 15 x 15 on acrylic in a barnwood frame…and that’s amazing, too. You can get a print on metal, acrylic, foamboard, or even matted (ready for your own frame). And I can put any of those media (except the foamboard) into a barnwood frame. Send me an email ( to discuss sizes and pricing. If I can remember to, I’ll take a shot of it in the barnwood frame and post it. Looks really super! Truly a piece of the American West.