Art of the Day: Double Bald

What a great shot of a bald eagle there on the edge of the ice. Shot this one in January 2021 at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. If you’re ever in the area, it’s worth a trip. It’s a neat place and the bird population there changes constantly.

Bald eagles there, in my experience, are often pretty shy and don’t often stick around once they notice interest in them. This one, however, seemed to pose for me for a bit. Got some other shots of it looking left, too, but the one looking right made for better composition. The reflection really makes the shot…as does the contrast of the ice and the open marsh.

Twice Bald

This one, to preserve the reflection, wants to be a square crop again. Looks great in a 15 x 15 on acrylic in a barnwood frame (for $175 + 5% shipping). You can see it displayed that way in the gallery in Ogden, UT. Other sizes and media are available, too. Email me at to order one for your wall.

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