Art of the Day: Fletcher, May 2020

One thing that I’m offering out of the gallery is commissioned portraits of pets and livestock. I really do not enjoy shooting people, but animals are another matter – I just love it. This is a shot of Fletcher. And he’s the king of all he sees. And this pic is archetypal Fletch. Really a great capture of who he is (or thinks he is – and, for a cat, there’s no difference).

Fletcher, May 2020

I mentioned yesterday that I think I shoot wildlife portraiture. I’m hoping that’s what I’m getting with pets, too. And while I cannot guarantee results (too many factors, to make that claim – but I will claim that if it doesn’t work, there’s no charge), I’m pretty confident that I can get lots out of your cat, dog, cow, goat, etc. A result that will make you say, “wow…that’s the essence of him!” Animals seem to take to me quickly and react well to me. And that makes for some really great shots. I’ll be posting more pet shots in the future.

For more samples and/or to discuss commissiong a photo of your critter, email me at

Oh, and it didn’t occur to me until just this minute, but if you’d like this pic of Fletcher for your wall, shoot me an email. He’s a handsome one for sure!

Art of the Day: Pretty Jenny

On this nascent site in support of the brick-and-mortar gallery, it seems that I’ve not posted much of the bread and butter of the place. That particular sandwich being wildlife photography. And, hopefully, as you see the stuff, you’ll see that the aim is at wildlife portraiture. That is to say I’d like to think I’m getting something out of the individual critter rather than “I took a picture of a horse”. Maybe you’ll see it in this one. Doesn’t it look like a portrait of her – that individual burro?

This is a female wild burro up near the entrance of an abandoned mine near Oatman, Arizona. When the gold mine closed down, the miners apparently abandoned a bunch of burros and now there are a couple of herds in the area. Neat creatures. And this one is such a pretty one. I swear she not only picked the right spot to stand (all those colors framing her), but she actually posed – even vamped – for me. Pretty girl!

Pretty Jenny

I’ve got this one in the gallery on a 30×40 acrylic for $875 and it’s outstanding. The best value, though, are the smaller acrylics in handmade barnwood frames. The 8×10 (13.5 x 15.5 with the frame) goes for only $85 and the 11×14 (16.5 x 19.5) is $125. Price points for everyone. Add about five percent for shipping within the U.S.

Email me at to purchase or discuss other media (metal, foamcore, traditional prints, etc.) and other sizes. This is really a neat shot. Pretty girl.

Art of the Day: Christmas Sunrise – Yellowstone

Well, Christmas Day is getting to be a theme. If two in a row can be considered a trend. This was taken last year on the 25th of December not too far from the North Entrance. It’s purple-ey in this shot…and one just a couple of minutes later is a neat yellow-orange.

Christmas Sunrise – Yellowstone

The shot is big…full frame at 36mp so we can go to just about any size. How about a 40×60 on metal ($2175) or a triptych on acrylic (three 24 x 48 panels) with a French cleat ($1625)? Or, if you’re more budget-minded, it would look great in a barnwood (15 x 23 at $275)…or even a matted 13 x 19 print ($60).

Or, we could go just monstrous (on ultraboard): 5 feet by 7.5 feet for $1275. Lots of options. And that one would be a bear to ship (or trasport, even). But would look remarkable on your wall!

Someday I’ll have a click-through to purchase. Until then, email me at to discuss size, medium, and price.