Art of the Day: Vetrans’ Christmas Morning

Shot this one Christmas morning several years ago. We were waiting for an event to start and decided to go to the cemetary in Salt Lake City with our cameras. And, as you can see, it was snowing.

Vetrans’ Christmas Morning

Might be a little macabre for some, but I thought it somewhat fitting for the day. Lots to say about vetrans, Pearl Harbor Day, war, etc., but I’ll say nothing except think a bit today.

I really love the shapes the headstones make together. Something compelling about it. (As in life, so in death.) This isn’t its final form, but the crop is close – just a little tweaking yet.

It could probably be printed just about as wide as you wanted it (not much cropped on the width), but realize that it’s at a 1:2.5 ratio (most stuff is at a 2:3) so it’s a long one. For a reference example, prices on this one would be:
9.25″ x 23″, on acrylic (either to be framed or bored for standoffs): $105
10″x25″, on metal (with French cleat): $225

Those prices are just examples. You can choose the medium and size that works best for you. Email me at to discuss ordering this one. I’d send you a final proof of the thing before I printed.

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